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Dear UC San Diego Friends and Family,


During this unprecedented time, non-essential UC San Diego personnel will be working offsite.

Join us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

While UC San Diego Health is successfully managing its supplies as responsible stewards of its resources, we are also asking all researchers and relevant facilities, individuals and organizations to help alleviate the shortage in San Diego by making key equipment and materials available to UC San Diego Health.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are critically important, specifically:

  • Medical-grade procedure and surgical masks
  • Surgical and isolation / protective gowns
  • Arm sleeves
  • Goggles, eye shields and face shields

Donated items are tax deductible. Please include a copy of the Donated Goods Form with your donation, or Make a tax-deductible gift to the UC San Diego COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund .For more information on the above, please contact Melanie Cruz


Gifts may always be made online using these links:



We are also able to process gifts in the form of wire transfers, ACH payments, or stock gifts, and can accept new gifts and pledge letters by PDF via email. If you would like to make a gift, we strongly encourage you to use the links above, or the wire or ACH payment options, instructions for which can be found here. 

For inquiries regarding incoming ACH and wires for Foundation gifts, please contact Kierstin Sykes.

For inquiries regarding incoming securities gifts, please contact Vlad Baytchev.

For inquiries regarding incoming wires for Regents gifts, please contact Gail Robotta.

Please send all new gift and pledge letters (in PDF) to Marlene Shaver.

For any other inquiries, please contact Marlene Shaver or Alice Sherman.

As always, the our entire team will continue to be available to serve the Foundation Board of Trustees, the campus and our donors to the best of our ability while in remote operations. We appreciate your patience as we adjust.


Thank you so much for your attention to this information and please take care.


The Campaign for UC San Diego: Continue the nontradition

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